Well hi there everyone. We hope this post finds you and yours healthy and happy, if somewhat isolated! Man, these are crazy times!

You may have noticed slight changes in the layout of the website. Well, we decided to switch hosts and take this chance just to change things around a bit! Keep your eye on the pages, they’ll probably change a fair bit over the coming weeks!

2020 had looked like being an exciting year for the Escher lads! It still is but for different reasons! We had a whole load of new venues lined up, from Annie’s Burger Shack up in Derby to The Courthouse in Rugby! Sadly it looks like most of these are going to be postponed but we hope to have them back in the diary after this madness has ended!

While keeping ourselves social distanced we have time to learn some new stuff and skills! Spanish, keyboards, guitar!

We’ll keep you posted about what’s going on and you can still get in touch if you’re planning an event later in the year! Perhaps a massive ‘It’s all over’ celebration! We could play tracks by the Cure, Don’t Stand So Close To Me by the Police, In The Air Tonight and other wholly inappropriately titled songs! A sort of Now That’s What I Call COVID-19 playlist! Thoughts?

Anyway, in the meantime keep yourselves safe and we hope to see you all soon!

Keep Rocking!

Escher Rocks